Thursday, May 24, 2007


The origins of the term Bootlegger, come from sailors who brought contraband into the countries they visited by either slipping the illegal cargo into the boot leggings or use the leather flaps on their boots to hide their booty. Skateboard shoes have used the same principle in their design with ’stash pockets’ to keep valuables like bank cards and bank notes (yeh !) This is more likely where recreational drug users store their personal supply. Well now the same design concept has been incorporated into sandals, only this time it is to store booze. Reef Sandals have come up with the Reef Dram sandal retails at ($45 US)and has the capacity to store 6 fluid ounces - 3 per shoe. The polyurethane-covered canteens open with a little key stored in the sandal and there is a miniature funnel to save spillage. A meter indicates the tank’s volume of liquid. The chambers can store any fluids but their limited capacity and a sandal tread that is in a martini shaker pattern would suggest the vessel carrying shoe is designed for adult beverages. Reef Sandals have also brought out the Reef Fanning sandal which has a built in bottle opener, so a ‘coldie’ is never far away on a hot day. The thongs were inspired as a tribute to pro-surfer and party-animal Mick Fanning . Reef Fanning Sandals are available in women’s and men’s styles.

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