Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Experiential marketing

Research has shown customer’s personal experiences help them to connect to a brand and influence future purchases. Experiential marketing or sensory engagement describes a marketing strategy which encourages customers to engage and interact with brands, products, and services in sensory ways so as to make them more brand loyal. International footwear giant Reebok for example, is going out of its way to make shoppers spend more time in their showrooms by engaging interest which they believe help customers make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions. Reebok India has created a retail environment with DJs spinning the latest sounds and a fashion stylist on hand to give the shoppers a make over and styling tips. A fashion photographer is also on standby to capture the magical moment. Kids can score an “I Am What I Am” tattoo done on their arms and buyers can also customise their own shoes by choosing each component and Reebok will produce the shoes within 21 days.

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