Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Got your measure ?

Just as the designers like Stella McCartney are cruising the cut price outlets punters are returning to bespoke designers for something unique for a special occasion. Special event dressing is becoming more popular and represents an expression of individuality. Much of the allure is about fit. As part of this shift the fashion conscious are having their shoes made to measure. Some clients are unaware it takes four to eight weeks to produce made-to-measure shoes, with up to 20 hours' work in crafting a pair. Sydney bespoke shoemaker, Andrew McDonald says that since footwear manufacturers are no longer producing the variety of sizes that were available 30 years ago and fractional sizing, which caters to people with feet wider or narrower than average, is on the way out, more people are buying made to measure shoes. Last year Puma introduced Mongolian Shoe BBQ , which allows clients to customise their trainers. The image is scanned into a computer, sent to Hong Kong for production and the finished shoe is sent out in six weeks. It's available in 11 Puma stores worldwide but already Puma's factory has reached maximum capacity, producing several hundred pairs each week. Mongolian Shoe BBQ gives people the opportunity to touch and play with the fabrics and have more control over the finished product.

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