Monday, May 21, 2007

What next, Transformer heels?

Lauren Handel from Philadelphia has invented collapsible heels called Camileon Heels. The adjustable heel allows the lower end of the shoe’s heel to be push off weight bearing. Three and a quarter inch heel convert to one a half inch heel in seconds. The technical aspects of her design came from her brother, a radiologist, who was fascinated with Transformers. He developed a prototype in 1989 and little sister Lauren joined him in 2004. After chatting to shoe experts in Italy, Lauren was able to come up with a fashionable look for her high low-shoes. Made in classic lines from high quality Italian leather the shoes retail at about $300 (US). Power dressers can now confidently stride to the CBD in their flatties and with the speed of Superman, convert to heels effortlessly.

Footnote For most wearers this would have no adverse effects whatsoever but for some e.g girls with tight Tendo Achilles the transition from high to low can cause pain.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure I get the point of this. Aside from the tight achilles tendon issue, which is a legitimate concern, I would also be worried about any shoe that creates an instability in the gait cycle.

Dr. Marc Mitnick