Monday, June 25, 2007

Big feet - big business

When considering starting jogging/running either for fitness or training is a good pair of running shoes. Retailers who specialise in running shoes and apparel are best and they will fit the shoes to specific needs. Some shops now offer a full running analysis using pressure plate analysis. Illumination of peak pressures many assist shoe fit but there is no substitute for a test run. Shoe fitting persons with a sports background are important if you wish to avoid novelty fashion and have appropriate shoes fitted. Most serious sportspeople are brand loyal so it is easy to be influenced by their comments but sports shoes need to be suitable for individual needs. Good fitting shoes should be comfortable, adequate for activities and provide protection and support. Well worn sports shoes increase the risk of injury and foot problems. Always wear comfortable shoes for competition and never compete in new shoes as this can cause blisters and sore feet. Shoe endorsement is an important part of marketing but it is well worth remembering shoe deals involving major sports people will include footwear which is made for the individual’s feet (as opposed to off the shelf shoes). For example, Shaq O'Neal's is7’1” and so getting a pair of shoes top fit in the local shoe store would be fraught with problems. Latest seven foot acquisition to the Nike stable is Greg Oden, although the multi-year deal and terms remain undisclosed. Nike also has endorsement deals with NBA stars LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, among others.

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