Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brave New Scarlett Johansson: New and improved?

Shoes for the coming season are post bling featuring colour, metallics, textures, animal prints and mirrors. Meantime in Hollywood, New York girl, Scarlett Johansson (Best Dressed Yahoo) has revealed her Scarlett "Hearts" Rbk collection of casual lifestyle clothing. The elfin Scarlett has the perfect fit for Reebok’s new women's footwear and apparel collection according to the clothing giant. The actress sketched her new collection on a serviette in a NY eatery, as you do and worked with Reebok designers to produce the much awaited Scarlett "Hearts" Rbk collection. Featured in the footwear collection is retro 70s sport-inspired apparel which includes the Retro Aztec . Same old same old, may appeal to those interested in a new romantic renaissance, but confirms at the same time there is just nothing new on the horizon when it comes to fashion sneakers. There was a time, not too long ago, when it was the inconceivable for young people to wear the same clothes as their parents. The very mark of youth was the need to seek out new and innovative styles but today we see a complete reversal of these trends. Is this a sign of the times in which case, what does it say about today’s society that we crave our immediate past? Whatever happened to a Brave New World? The 70’s Reebok Aztec was a premiere running shoe in 1979, but the thought that there is now a new and improved version does little for me. Except I cannot help wonder with any ’new and improved’ product, the absence of morality and duty of care that companies must face with the full knowledge their previous versions were inferior.

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