Friday, June 22, 2007

Democratization, my arse!

According to experts Celebrity branding makes it easy for a company to a sell a brand because it becomes a talking point. Not sure about that particularly after a visit to my local Target where the sign read, “Last chance to buy Stella McCartney Originals.” Maybe consumers are not so gullible. In any event Sarah Jessica Parker has joined the band of celebs trying to democratize fashion with their own rock bottom priced clothing collections through Steve & Barry’s. The actress worked with two designers from Steve & Barry's to develop the line, which includes suit separates, shirts, dresses, lingerie, denim, T-shirts, nightgowns, cashmere sweaters, swimwear and other items. Bitten is the name of the brand and Sarah is hoping to indent into the competitive market place where already Madonna, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, among others have filled the shelves. With nothing in Bitten's 500-piece collection more than $19.98(US), and sizes range from 2 to 20 all looks favourable. Steve & Barry's are best known for their inexpensive college apparel and $14.98 Starbury One sneaker. No idea whether spouse of British, Labor Prime Minister, Cherie Blair will be seen in Bitten gear but she has been spotted wearing Dune shoes. Dune is a UK, mid market company which sells sandals and likes to claim it has a large celebrity following. (albeit Cherie does not appear on the website list). Boo hoo! Not much chance Angelina Jolie will be wearing any shoes when she visits Cambodia . The 32-year-old Hollywood Siren admits her eldest son is not too happy with the idea but Mom thinks it is important young Maddox lives the Cambodian experience and likes to walk barefoot across the rocks and then eat a cricket. How patronising. I think I would prefer to wear my new Cloggens.