Sunday, June 10, 2007

Governor with balls!

There was a time when you could tell at a glance a KGB agent by his double breasted jacket and turn ups on their trousers; and a CIA man by his half mast trousers. Now, Cold War over, things are less clear. Arnold Schwarzenegger (California Governor) on a recent promotional visit to Canada highlighted the problems of sartorial for a man of the people by wearing long pants with his handmade, topstitch leather soled boots with tassel laces. Problem for the Terminator was the tassels should be seen and not covered up. The traditional significance of tassels was the hunter who sported them was prepared to wear the “balls,” of his kill. Not in any derogatory way nor as an insult to the victim, far from it. The intent was to indicate to all, his respect for the departed and the hope the wisdom and strength of the vanquished would be his. Tasslled boots would be the ideal footwear for a brave ambassador, I would have thought. However this should not be combined with a wardrobe mismatch otherwise the ensemble distracts from the given situation. Of all people, Arnold ’ The Termonator’ Schwarzenegger should know everyday is “Judgement Day” when it comes to shoes.

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