Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here after life for tyres

New trend is rubber soled sandals made from old tyres. Sambaru sandals are made for extreme sport with the sole cut from tyre treads. The shoes are both hard wearing and have superb grip properties from the tread. The straps have a recycled lined sidewall to give them strength as well as comfort. The sandals are made by people who live in the slum called Kibera on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. UK based Jambo-Jambo is now the UK importer for the Maasai Treads range of handmade sandals, boots and bags and subscribers to a Fair Trade policy that ensures workers are fairly recompensed for their products. Maasai Treads are based on a design worn by African tribes people. Regional variation on sandal design are caught in the Diani and Kilifi Sandals range which also incorporate tyre tread soles and inner tube straps. Masai tread boots combine leather and inner-tube uppers with the traditional Maasai Treads tyre sole. Inner tube toe caps feature an original puncture patch which adds to their authenticity. As well as helping provide a sustainable income for the families, the Masai Treads are also eco-friendly. By using the rubber tyres to make the shoes it saves them being sent to land fill sites or even burnt.

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