Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I hate podiatrists, Oprah

Seems Tom Cruise is distrustful of podiatrists and claims the profession is a sham defrauding millions of dollars with use of x -rays. Brooke Shields apparently had recently suffered a broken toe caused, it was claimed by height challenged thespian, by an x -ray taken at the office of her podiatrist. The scientologist Cruise made these claims on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ This is the second time in recent weeks Cruise has criticized Brooke Shields while espousing Scientology. He recently accused psychiatrist as a frauds in a previous program and again sited Brooke Shields as the mindless victim. In a four minute monologue, Cruise said ‘The thing about Brooke is, like all people who harm their feet, her broken bone is caused by toxins in her blood. But the podiatry industry wants to conduct an x-ray so they can suck the minerals out of her foot and sell them to psychiatrists, who then process them into anti-psychiatry drugs, which are forced upon children and are the leading cause of low SAT scores.’

No he wasn’t talking about the plot for the next MI movie but instead believes his faith gives him healing powers of love, which he would like to share with everone. Mmmmmmmmm.

‘There’s simply no science behind podiatry and people need to know that. It’s not fair that I know all these things after donating $58 million to the Church, but poorer Americans don’t know it yet,’ said Tom Cruise.

Well I have taught podology (the science which underpins the practice of podiatry) for thirty years and can confirm there is little A class evidence based practice to support much of what podiatrists do or any other therapist for that matter. So you got that right, Tom.

Hiwever there is also overwhelming anecdotal evidence to give confidence that podiatry and podiatric techniques are very effective.

Yes, there are some bad eggs in all professions and insurance frauds are sadly all too evident, but as an autonomous body with serious professional integrity, any practitioner caught transgressing the laws of the land are deregistered.

Ne supra crepidam sutor judicaret


Anonymous said...

Tom better hope he never gets a ingrown nail and goes to his scientologist foot specialist to " will it away" he'll end up with gangreen

Anonymous said...

As a practising podiatrist the comments made here are out of step by along chalk.
There is huge amounts of evidence based practice amongst my collegues and i can hardly remember the days when we as a profession based our techniques anecdotally. This once was very common but now we are so science and research based practice outside of these guidelines is tightly controlled and losing your registration or career is a real possibility.
"theres no science behind Podiatry" Tom Cruise (did he really say these remarks?)is losing his mind as well as religion.
Im a big fan of all his movies but this must be his new script or something "away with the Fairies" may be the title.
well ive little time to 'help' toms madness, im off to suck some more minerals out and make money, take over the world and keep the kids dumb..... like we want them to be. (
sorry, sarcastic streak jumped out from nowhere).