Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kick the habit: tobacco pedicure

The fashion for nude feet via flip flops has given rise to foot accessory as the by word for style this season. Contrasting nail paints are a must with many fashionista complementing their tanned feet and legs with yellow or gold toe nails. Nail enamel has seen a renaissance with pink proving a very popular shade with thongs and peekaboos. But take care if you are a beach babe or pool chick, because the sun's rays and chlorine can fade even the most expensive nail paint. So remember slip, slap slop with a suitable sun blocker and use a UV top coat for your nails. Luxury pedicure has also seen remarkable increase with a relaxing slow, soothing massage with essential oils and detoxifying tobacco leaves, favoured by many foot lovers.
....And here is me stopped smoking.

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