Thursday, June 07, 2007

Michelin shoes roll in

Making shoe outsoles from used car tyres is not a new idea and a few years the tyres off the racing cars of the top drivers were lovingly crafted into shoes for the faithful. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, prisoners at Changi Prison, Singapore, used their dexterity and cunning ingenuity to craft shoes made for old car tyres. Now half a century later tyre giant Michelin the tyre giant have joined their rival Dunlop and launched into the footwear business. They recently launched a new line of industrial work boots which have met with considerable success. Now, hot on the heels, (or should it be wheels), they have introduced Babolat pro-tennis shoes. Developed by Michelin Footwear (a division of Gear Six Technologies LLC), the new MXV4(R) range is being distributed by IGE 3 Corporation, a division of Geoffrey Allen Corporation. Inspired by the tyre tread sculpture of the same name, the MXV4 footwear include two outsoles . What is good for fast moving cars is good enough for pedestrians seems to be the mantra and the shoes feature a rear suspension cushioning system for a comfortable heel strike with a multi-chambered, shock-absorbing heel pad positioned between the insole and midsole. The shoes are handsewn and available with full grain premium leather uppers in variety of different styles with colours to suit the most fashion-forward lifestyles. The Agion(TM) antimicrobial forefoot liner is available to provide effective odor control and resistance to fungal-related foot disorders over the life of the shoe. The new MXV4 footwear line will be available in selected shops across North America for the Autumn season.

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