Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All day I dream about Fergie: Candy girl

Black Eyed Peas diva, Fergie has signed a contract to sing songs about candy, not the puff’n’stuff, but the glamorous shoes. Seems as experts are beginning to complain about the quality and pricing of so called celebrity apparel collections at a store near you so the next marketing wheeze is to catch a song writer who can wax their vocal chords about high profile shoes. Yes we have seen this before with rappers and trainers but now it has crossed over into heels. Fergie will receive a reported $4 million (US) by Candie's to promote their clothing line on her second solo album. Experts believe the new approach to combining chicks that can warble with products has been brought about by the recent decline in record sales. The not so jingle, jingles will form part of the song which happens to have a refrain including reference to their product. That way artists' integrity are not compromised, of course Fergie has also agreed to appear in Candie's TV ads and allow Candie's advisors to style fans at her shows.

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