Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Da Vinci code:No frills trainer

The Vitruvian Running shoe is according to the manufacturers a no frills sport shoe made for serious athletes.
The simple but sturdy shoe consists of a snugly fitting upper designed to work in tandem with the kinetic foot; a straight lasted outer sole with a cushioned mid-sole between the foot and the running surface for comfort. The body of the shoe is made from a mesh woven as one piece front to back with no layers of material cemented together. This gives an even surface over the foot and added support and protection come from overlays of microfibre synthetic leather. The thin and flexible outsole is one-piece for superior bonding. The Ethyl Vinyl Acitate (EVA) and rubber midsole contain posts to help stabilise the functioning foot as well as offer comfort and cushioning. The inferior surface of the midsole is unsculpted to provide a continuous planar surface during stance phase. The no frills shoe has no decorative moulding or embossing nor are the shoes gender specific. Vitruvian shoes are designed in Hooksett, New Hampshire (US) and manufactured off shore in Indonesia using fair labor practices.

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