Thursday, July 05, 2007

If it wis'nae for the wellies, where would we be?

Gumboots (wellies) have gone from practical footwear to must-have fashion this year. Gone is the day when gumboots were 'take it or leave it' black , now they come brightly coloured, patterned, adorned with buckles ties and heels. So popular has rubber wear become some people are wearing them to work. This of course has cause a little consternation among the etiquette police, always on hand to give their sage advice. Decidedly cute, the fashion is not suitable for daily wear and in particular air conditioned offices. Fine to travel to and fro the workplace but potentially problematic indoors , especially when these are the only shoe available. Billy Connolly waxed eloquent in the past about the “two rings of no confidence” indentations left on the legs of the unsuspecting wellie wearer but that might be the least of their worries when prolonged occlusion of the leg and foot prevents air transfer and encouraging high temperatures next to the skin. This environment can harbour bacterial and fungal growth, so tinea and yeast infections such as thrush can arise, as can bromidrosis (stinky feet). However provided normal hygiene is observed then these risks are minimal. Amongst the fashionista and glitterati plain leopard print, a denim patchwork print and traditional "posh English horsey types" have been the season’s success. Many taller women prefer the equestrian-style gumboot because they complement the form of the leg. Sheep skin gummies are practical in cold weather and waterproof which is more than can be said for Ugg Boots and most other fashionable boots. Wellies, tights and patterned dresses have become counter bling fashion with the bohem set. The fad for the field apparel have increased so much in the last couple of years designers like Marc Jacobs are beginning to produce hi-bred gummies for the market. Some labels have released high-heeled and wedge-sole boots, some offer a fake-fur trim and there has even been a cowboy boot style.

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