Friday, July 20, 2007

In Step With the Future: WYSIWYG

Despite the very colourful graphics no soft wear to date can operate beyond the program that drives it and the old maxim prevails “rubbish and rubbish out!”
The Athlete’s Foot use an electronic aid called The Fitprint® System to assist shoe fitting by measuring pressure points in the feet. The Fitprint® System is operated by trained staff and ensures the best fit available from the shoe stock held in the store. The technology was designed by Podo Technology , with over twenty years experience in computerised podiatry. Currently their analysis softwear is licensed to over 2,500 medical clinics and offices in over 40 countries. The The Fitprint® System consists of a pressure plate which transfers an image of the foot print onto a monitor screen. The soft wear assists the operator identify the best fit and shoe range for the client from the range sold by the shoe store. Apart from harnessing technology these systems do no more than a skilled fitter could achieve with a Brannock, and rather like the X ray machines of yesteryear, they are at best sales gimmicks.

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