Monday, July 23, 2007

iRB Rugby World Cup France 2007: New shoes

To be seen at the iRB Rugby World Cup France 2007 are new rugby boots. The new boots designed by Le Coq Sportif incorporate a synthetic polymer developed a quarter of a century ago by Arkema. The new , Pebax® is a high-tech polymer which has been incorporated into the new soles of the rugby boots. The high-tech polymer was developed by Arkema , Pebax® is a low density, lightweight polymer which offers impact resistance (support), good energy recovery and accommodates the conditions of play. The tough Pebax® sole gives added support and stability to the player’s foot by offering resistance to repeated bending and twisting. According to the manufacturers impact and vibrations are also absorbed by Pebax® polymers adding to foot comfort during play. The 20% thinner sole also increases the feeling of suppleness. The new Le Coq Sportif rugby boots are 10 to 20% lighter than those made from traditional materials. Arkema's Pebax® has already been incorporated into soccer boots. In collaboration will Italian sportswear company Lotto Sport Italia they launched the world's first lace-less football shoe, Zhero Gravity. Pebax® was chosen for the boot's design, as it is the only polymer capable of combining light weight (the boot weighs about 210 grams), impact resistance and comfort, whatever the conditions of play. The various Pebax® parts are built into the heel and the outer sole. Le Coq Sportif' have sponsored Frédéric Michalak France, and he will be sporting new boots. The intention is to release two models the Favourite and Puncher.

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