Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth: Sustainable Shoes ?

London College of Fashion graduate, Hayley Aplin is a Worn Again, convert who wants to develop a range of green, vegan footwear using nothing more than junk from local companies. She sees the opportunity to make a real fashion statement with a range of shoes that can be re-soled. A Vegan, Hayley is keen to recycled materials contain no animal components. Sustainable shoes is the objective and it may interest all interested parties the Icelanders probably take the prize for recycling footwear for centuries ago wore fish skin shoes and when the sole wore out they merely stopped boiled it up and ate them. Distance was measured by the number of fish skin shoes needed to cross the terrain. May not suit vegans but definatley has some merit in saving the planet. Modern shoe manufacture prefers moulded soles which is cheaper than traditional stitched sole and uppers manufacture but subsequent shoe repair is not an option. Producing shoes capable of being repaired would increase labour costs, pricing sustained footwear out of most people’s budget. It is just cheaper to go without.

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