Friday, July 27, 2007

Starbury Movement: Are you up for it?

Stephon Marbury is a two-time NBA All-Star, a former National High School Player of the Year, and the starting point guard on the high-profile New York Knicks. Stephon Marbury is in the midst of a 37-city tour to promote his Starbury line of shoes and clothing for Steve and Barry’s . The budget sneakers cost just $14.95 (US) a pair. The idea of cheap and serviceable shoes was one which Marbury thought long and hard about and wanted to give something back to others. The point guard rejects profiteering and challenges personalities like Michael Jordan to publically match the Starbury line with a Star Jordan sneaker at a fare price. At a time where many athletes' salaries rival the budgets of small countries, it is most refreshing to see a superstar understand not all kids and parents, can afford the latest designer shoe prices. Marbury accepts being stigmatised as a kid for not having cool trainers is a vicious circle that leads to marginalisation and bullying which may have serious ramifications later in life. Marbury is gaining a reputation of “working class hero,” and gathering an army of fans all sporting his Starbury brand apparel. The Starbury name has expanded to include court wear, street wear and 12 different styles of shoes. However, up until now these products were only offered as men's fashions. Eight new styles of women's footwear have recently been added to the growing list of Starbury products. With the shoes featuring colours such as hot pink and bright blue, as well as a fashionable style, Marbury hopes these shoes will make a statement both on and off the court. Stephon Marbury stands to make a (sizable) cut from the company's shoe sales which is not the same as an endorsement deal, where he would stand to make more money in the short term. The player seems committed to allow low economic groups access to quality clothing at budget prices. Stephon Marbury wears Starbury shoes on court and has encouraged Ben Wallace from the Chicago Bulls to join the Starbury movement. The shoes are manufactured in China but there is a third party involved to prevent sweatshop conditions.

At $14.95 (US) per pair how can you affiord to resist joining the Marbury Movement.

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