Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stinky thongs: Jasmine fills the air

Chicago based a AQUAZ sandals are moulded foot beds which direct water & sand away from the feet via diagonal grooves to drain holes which are released out through saw tooth cut outs in side walls by being pneumatically pumped through a interior drainage grid system. Why, I hear you bay to keep the feet cool and dry is the simple answer. The boatie thong comes with contoured PVC soled, arch support, toe grip, and heel rest. Raised dimples provide cushioned traction, and soothing stimulation underfoot which aids circulation according to the manufacturers. The sole with moulded siping increases grip traction on wet/dry surfaces such as boat & pool decks. The mesh inner strap gives ventilation and helps to keep feet dry. The sandals have non-porous surfaces which are thought not to harbour odour causing bacteria. The syphoned sifting sandals are also infused with a light jasmine scent to help keep feet feeling fresh. AQUAZ sandals are available in styles for men and women.

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