Thursday, July 26, 2007

What Chav could be seen in an outfit that does not match her wellies?

Soggy summers anywhere share one thing the need to protect the feet. ‘Gosh get the galosh’ has become a war cry for the last few summer seasons in the UK with its washed out weather and particularly amongst the fashionable gentry who insist in looking good under any circumstance. Dubarry Shoes (Galway) have a reputation for technical sailing and hunting footwear have an international clientele already but are hoping for success in the America market with their all weather waterproof footwear. Their wonderful wellies could be on sale in Bloomingdale’s if current negotiations are successful. Dubarry’s fashionable wellies are selling well in the UK and the company is hoping also to move into the Japanese and Italian markets. Welligogs have an array of colourful printed and polka dot pairs of rubber boots which are selling well. At this year’s Chelsea Flower Show fashionista flower power types were sporting outfits and wellingtons to match with Hunters pink wellies are a particular favourite. Now once you have the waterproof footwear what best to wear next to the skin to maintain cool chic? The answer is tabi or traditional Japanese split toe socks. Suitable for chilly weather and ideal for Jesus sandals and Wellington boots. Tabi made from cotton hold the big toe in a pouch, separated from the rest of the toes and camel toe references aside are very comfortable. They help absorb perspiration (wash and dry well) and have an added secret known only to bunion suffers. They give added protection to vulnerable areas. Specialists in Shiatsu suggest split toe socks have other health benefits. The hose are particularly popular among people practicing traditional Japanese martial arts and drumming. Daisuke Matsuyama of the Boston Red Sox reportedly wears them when he pitches to increase his circulation. By coincidence Belgian designer Martin Margiela sells red denim split socks. Split toed sandals Zori and Tatimi have been worn traditionally in the Far East but modern split toes trainers have been available for over a decade. Nike launched Air Rift which have a loyal following with an excellent web source.

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