Friday, August 31, 2007

Croslite rt: wearable technology

On display recently at LA fashion show was a new range of T-shirts, mens' work shirts and children's shorts, trousers and skirts made by Crocs. Colorado-based Crocs are poised to launch a plastic-inspired clothing range including shirts, shorts and skirts containing the closed-cell resin, Croslite TM soft, spongy foam resin. The resin is blended with natural fibres called Croslite rt (rt stands for relaxed technology) and spun into a yarn to create a breathable fabric which is resistant to harsh chemicals and heat, ensuring longevity after exposure to sun, UV light and sweat. Croslite rt is marketed as ideal outdoor clothing. The company will release a range of male and children’s clothing which go on sale in the US , later this year. Plans to sell overseas will follow in 2008. For children, Crocs will create a full line of shorts, pants and skirts. The children's bottoms feature an adjustable waist and roll-up cuffs to ensure growing kids can use their clothes longer. The range of female attire will also follow but the company have restricted their range to male and children so far. When available women's shirts will be equipped with "wire friendly" portals in the chest pocket to facilitate the use of earphones. In the last four months, strong sales have increased the value of Crocs' stocks which have more than doubled since the beginning of May (2007), when it was trading at just under $30 (US). Finacial experts are predicting Crocs (shoe) sales will rise from $354m (£178m) in 2006 to $820m in 2007. The company has ramped up its production capacity to 5m pairs of shoes per month and investers appear to approve the company's diversity into general apparel.

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