Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kiwi Blossom:Passion for shoes

The results from a new survey commissioned by KIWI® Smiling Feet™ reinforce that UK women love their shoes. On average UK women own 10 pairs of smart shoes at any time and 40% surveyed admitted to have at least one pair which were never worn. Presumably kept for that special occasion. Many women admitted to be in love with stylish shoes just less than half (48%) also reported to removing their shoes because their feet were sore. Despite this 60% identified stylish shoes essential to match their outfits. All this was music to the KIWI® company who just happen to have launched a new range of products. The new KIWI® Smiling Feet™ gel cushions and KIWI® Fresh’ins™ shoe inserts, are designed to keep the feet in all day foot comfort. KIWI® company was established over 100 years and is well known for providing quality shoe care products. It all started when Scottish inventor,William Ramsay, living in Australia developed a boot polish in 1906. He and his business partner Hamilton McKellan were making boot polish in a small factory in Melbourne, Australia in 1904. Their formula of a fine blend of quality waxes was new and protected and nourished leather as well as giving the shoes a longer lasting glossy shine. Ramsay called the product Kiwi from the Kiwi bird, the national emblem of New Zealand and in honour of his wife Mrs Ramsay (Annie Elizabeth Meek Ramsay) who was a New Zealander. The kiwi bird design became the trademark and Ramsay began marketing it in Melbourne. Whensuccess expanded overseas Kiwi Polish was adopted by both the British and American armies in World War I. Kiwi was a major improvement on previous brands and in 1908, when Kiwi Dark Tan was released it incorporated agents that added suppleness and water resistance. Australian-made boot polish was then considered the world's best and the company started to export in 1911 to the UK , continental Europe,and New Zealand. The spread of Kiwi shoe polish around the world enhanced the popular appeal of the Kiwi as New Zealand's national symbol. Doughboys took the marvelous boot polish back to the states where it became popular so popular that now Kiwi Polish is manufactured in the United States. By the mid twenties Kiwi polish was sold in over 50 countries and had became a must accessory for the prevalent English style of the time. During the second world war KIWI Polish was used by the Allied Forces to polish their boots. KIWI International was formed in 1967 and brought the diverse company under one worldwide banner and in 1984 the company became part of the Sara Lee Corporation in 1984. Today KIWI is sold and marketed in almost 200 countries around the world.

KIWI® Smiling Feet™ gel cushions are made from polyurethane gel(a visco-elastic material which prevents pressures form passing through it). The transparent gel packs are designed to fit comfortably over the main pressure points on your feet. These have an adhesive backing which allows them to be kept in place.

KIWI® Fresh'ins™ shoe inserts are multi-layer inserts which combine a comfortable soft layer which absorbs shock through cushioning and wicks moisture. The surface of the thin insert increases surface contact and reduces foot slip in the shoe. The inserts have sufficient recall to have a reasonable shelf life (up to 5 days normal wear) and are impregnated with a fragrance which the manufacturer claims lasts all day.

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