Friday, August 03, 2007

Skins Inc.: Seeing is believing

Question. What do you get when you put a ‘wild child heiress,’ with the inventor ’s of the first chemical corn pad, and NASA?

Answer. A collapsible shoe.

Skins Inc. has a patented modular shoe system consisting of a two part, interchangeable, shoe structure with a flexible base called the bone and an outer layer or a collapsible Skin. The Bone can then be fitted into any number of skins, which can very in fashion and form i.e. from sneakers, to suede shoes, to formal leather footwear. Unattached from the Bone, the Skin is fully collapsible making them easy to pack in restricted space.

The concept is similar to Marshmallow shoes (yes, where are they now?), and share the advantage of a common foot template (aka the Bone). According to the company, consumers can in the future confidently buy Skins on line in the full knowledge these will be compatible with their own foot template. The new shoes are set to retail at $150-$300 (US), with the first collection of 25-30 styles for both males and females.

Is the shoe real? Some concerns have been expressed in the financial/investment press as to the current availability of the new shoes. The hope is everything will come together for the launch but some sceptics have expressed alarm the actual shoes are not yet ready for retail and there is an intention to create an artifical demand. This is not uncommon in the investment business and results (rather naughtily) in added value to a company's shares. The continuing success of blue chip, CROCs, means many investors are keen to cash in on the next shoe phenomenon.

The shoes are orwill be available form a limited set of outlets initially and include:
Littles of Pittsburgh, Footwear etc., World Class Footwear, Abbadabbas, J Stephens Footwear, and Sportie LA.

Interesting Sites
Get skinned Nightwatch BBC.
Collections at WSA Luxury and Designer Shoe Showcase

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Anonymous said...

I saw the shoes at WSA and they are totally unique, but still fashionable. I personally would own a pair, but more importantly, I would sell them (if I could) at my retail store. I've seen cheap tricks to expand stock, but these guys are real and so is the shoe. I was able to pre-order a pair at www.GetSkinnedAlive. You can also check out the Vegas WSA event here: