Friday, August 24, 2007

Timberland Invention Factory

The success of the original waterproof Timberland hiking boot in 1973 led the company to change its name from the Abington Shoe Company to Timberland in 1978. The company went public in 1987. Prior to the introduction of Timberland, most workboots were designed for use in the outdoors, and made of leather for durability, Not all boots were waterproof and Timberland developed injection moulding technology to fuse rubber lug outsoles to waterproof leather uppers that were impregnated with silicon for complete waterproof protection. The result was a guaranteed waterproof leather workboot. The distinctive "yellow" boots became a hit, not only with outdoor enthusiasts, but also with college students both in the United States and overseas. Timberland markets premium quality footwear, apparel and accessories and their products are sold worldwide through leading department and specialty stores as well as Timberland retail stores. Timberland Invention Factory was launched in 2003 to drive Timberland research and innovation.
According to research by Timberland's Invention Factory the critical issue of fit depends upon, not length or breadth of the foot but the volume available to the forefoot. Another research survey supported 50% of men questioned admitted to buying a pair of shoes that did not fit their feet properly. Apparently according to Timberland’s Invention Factory research as many as 60% of men were unable to get a comfortable shoe fit with 35% of the male population reporting a half-size or greater difference between their left and right feet. The Timberland Company was awarded a 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for the new Timberland PreciseFit(TM) system. The foot bed insert system helps custom forefoot volume. Each pair of PreciseFit(TM) shoes comes with a set of inserts of varying thicknesses that lock on to a removable footbed, creating optimal volume in each shoe and allowing for differences between left and right feet. The thicker insert minimizes volume in the shoe, while the thinner insert adds volume. This tailored fit works in conjunction with the Timberland Smart Comfort system to give men an unparalleled experience in terms of fit and comfort. PreciseFit(TM) technology will be featured in Timberland's new Outlier Series of men's footwear, Two style categories are offered: Outlier Rugged, perfect for weekend wear, and Outlier Refined, for the casual work environment. In the retail pilot, overall inventory turns increased nearly two-fold and sales revenues increased by 80 percent compared with similar styles. The latest innovation from Timberland’s Invention Factory is the Carbon Fyre shoe for trekking. These weighs 11.4 oz and include an Isomorphic Suspension system where lugs on the soles which adjust individually to uneven trail surfaces. The shies have a carbon fibre heel cradle for stability and will be available from GoLite in Spring, 2008.

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The success of the original waterproof Timberland hiking boot in 1973 led the company to change its name from the Abington Shoe Company ...