Saturday, August 04, 2007

What ever Paris wears....

Fresh from incarceration, Paris Hilton,(size 11 shoe) has plans to mirror her younger sibling, Nicky Hilton and join the rag trade. Nicky designed handbags for Japanese brand Samantha Thavasa and launched Chick by Nicky Hilton clothing line in 2005. Paris Hilton has already tried her hand at purses, jewellery, perfume (Parlux Fragrances) and hair extensions but now has signed a licensing agreement with Antebi Footwear Group and hopes to launch Paris Hilton Footwear early next year. Hot foot from collaboration with the collapsible shoe project (see below), the lady now wants to create stylish and fun fashions, from head to toe. At least Elmer Batters contented himself with “ from the tips of her toes, to the tops of her hose, ” but no Paris is going the whole hog. Although no actual details of the Paris Hilton Collection have been announced it is tipped the collection will feature everything from high end heels to platforms to flats to wedges. (sic. sounds a bit, same old same old, to me). But there are also plans for a collection of sport shoes aimed at the athletic-minded fashionista. So Chavs and blings, sharpen up your credit cards, Antebi Footwear Group from New York produce quality footwear which retail through stores like Nordstrom. Another Hollywood siren to launch her own signature shoes is Jessica Simpson. Her popular brand includes heels and are sold in department stores including Macy’s. If Posh picks up the fashion gauntlet, then Burberry be afraid, be very afraid.

In the meantime I am off to see the excellent This is England, direct by Shane Meadows.

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