Tuesday, September 04, 2007

तिघ्ट्स अरे

Tights are back in fashion this Fall and will accessorise the new vogue for shoe- booties. The crossover sleek pump and boot is designed for comfort and gives a wow factor to fashionable feet, and every pair should have them, according to the fashion pundits. The bare leg look is over and a return to warmth and thrush is guaranteed as the weather turns cooler. Open-toe and peep-toe shoes will still be around and when worn with opaque tights all the more trendy. Patent leathers shoes are tipped to topple flip flops as the seasons, change. The popular metallic will remain an evergreen and the new Autumn colours of cobalt blue, sunset yellow, ruby red, rich plum and royal purple join standbys of black and brown. For the metro man plaids, herringbones and hounds tooth patterned fabric-covered shoes are a must. The more adventuresome will go with a bow of velvet ribbon as shoes get more ornamented. Look lout for large buckles, jewel-like embellishments and other ostentatious trappings for both men and women.

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