Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blue Ribbon Campaign New Zealand

Iti noa ana, he pito mata.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign highlights the need to report suspected or actual child abuse. The blue ribbon logo is symbolic of the bruising and injury sustained by children following abuse. The movement started in the US in 1989 when a bereaved grandmother in Virginia tied a blue ribbon to her vehicle aerial in protest against child abuse. Many states now hold an annual Blue Ribbon Campaign. The protest against child abuse has a new champion in New Zealand and Parani Howes, mother and nurse from Palmerston North, has decided to march barefoot from Cape Reinga to Wellington (1096 kms) to raise awareness of child abused in New Zealand and how to prevent it. Parani will walk up to 50 km a day barefoot and act as if gagged to emphasize that children are in pain but too young or small to have a voice to speak out against their abusers. She plans to arrive in Wellington on 8th October and has asked supporters to wear a blue ribbon, or sport a blue ribbon on their car aerials or just go barefoot for the day.

More information from Blue Ribbon Campaign and Prevent Child Abuse America .

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This is not the first time New Zealand has been walked and was done so by Podiatry Students in 1993. The walking load was down by teams of walkers and they were shod.

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