Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celebrity's shoes: What's the story?

Actors and philanthropists Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle ) and Bradley Whitford ((West Wing)) founded The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation® following the 2001 Primetime Emmy® Awards. Many celebrities never wear their sumptuous dresses and designer tuxedos again. Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford had the idea of collecting the costumes and auctioning them off for charity. Since its inception, The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation® has raised over two million dollars for children’s charities. These include America’s Second Harvest, The Art of Elysium, World Education and autism research. The Sixth Annual Primetime Emmy® auction allows you to bid on the gowns, tuxedos, sunglasses, shoes, celebrity decorated items, costumes from your favourite television shows, and other Hollywood-related items.

Personally, I would like Riki “Are you hav’en a laugh?” Gervaise’s (Extras and The Office) shoes.

Talking of celebrity, Manchester, England has its own “Walk of Fame,” not exactly like the one in Hollywood but a collection of foot moulds donated by local personalities from the worlds of sport and politics. Well it is Britain after all. Salford University have opened a state-of-the-art new podiatry clinic and invited locals celebs have donate their feet to be cast and displayed in the reception area of the new facility. The university podiatry clinic has a long association with Manchester City Football Club and Lancashire County Cricket Club.

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