Saturday, September 22, 2007

Foot Assaults, fetishism and fascination

More and more there are reports of foot assaults including taking uninvited voyeuristic photographs of womens’ feet. These events arise all over the world and are mostly ignored or considered a minor misdemeanour and ignored by the authorities. Foot assaults are not always sexually motivated rather an uninvited physical assault on an individual which actually contravenes the law. Traditionally the judiciary (not the police) dismiss this behaviour as aberrant (uncharacteristic) and cases are rarely brought to prosecution.

The increase in "up skirting" and "happy slapping" has forced a change in public thinking although neither crime constitutes a sex crime. The action has more to do with power and bullying. The increase in reported foot assaults across the globe may, some experts believe be due to better reporting than an epidemic of foot paraphilia.

It is quite common in a consensual relationship to be partial to specific parts of the human body in pre-coital activity, which means foot partialism is within normal behaviour. The vast majority of foot worshipers fall into the partial to low level category of fetish. Mid to high level fetishism is much rarer in the population and accounts for an estimated 0.75% of the males between 17-60. This is a paraphilia (abnormal fetishism) because it describes an anti-social preoccupation where the foot and only the foot (without the owner) is the complete object of sexual desire. The high level fetish for shoes is probably as common, but foot fetishists are rarely shoe fetishists and vice versa.

Something which has not been studied in depth is 'graduation' or the incremental increase in the serious nature of foot assaults. The profile of serious sex criminals would suggest many start off their criminal career with minor offences such as stealing knickers (snowdropping) then progress to attempted sexual assault, before rape and murder. Some of the reported foot assaults might indicate the abnormal behaviour of a mid to high level fetishist, but only in their embryonic development. The consequence of a foot assault by a high level fetishist would be more dire.

Feet are a constant source of fascination to scientist. In a matched study of 75 men and women, small feet in women were an attractive feature and favoured by both sexes. Men were more likely to find women’s feet attractive than the opposite although some women had preference for large feet in men. Small slim women were more likely to wear pointed-toe and high-heel shoes. Researchers also discovered most of the respondents found their own feet attractive models for others. Another study of men and women of the same stature, the male foot was longer and broader with significant measurable differences in the calf, ankle, and foot. Whereas, womens’ feet differed in a number of shape characteristics, including the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe, and the ball of the foot. These physical characteristics are rarely factored into shoes design. Another study compared fit and comfort in sport shoes and researchers reported the three vital factors which may determine a comfortable shoe were: skeletal alignment, shoe torsional stiffness and cushioning.

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The Foot Fraternity an organization and support group for homosexual men with a foot fetish.

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