Monday, September 10, 2007

Naughty Stella, cheap chic and ticket source

Adidas by Stella McCartney
Fashionista, Stella McCartney was commissioned recently to design a new range of adidas sport shoes. In accordance with adidas she has redesigned a football boot made out of kangaroo skin. The news has already caused concern with animal rights campaigners as well as a condemnation from her father, Sir Paul McCartney. Macca is committed vegetarian and spokesperson against the use of animal skin. adidas have been accused of being irresponsible for using the marsupial’s skin for their sports shoes however there is no evidence millions of kangaroos are being slaughtered for this purpose. There are several types of kangaroo and culling does take place but the species used in footwear are farmed specifically and not part of the cull. In Australia feral kangaroos are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to arable land.

Sports Tickets
Passed on in good faith. Sports tickets is a US sports ticket resource guide. The site contains ticket information, team and venue information for every event for every sport.

Cheap Chic Revolution has started
Sarah Jessica Parker’s new Bitten label collection is about to be available, exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores. The collection contains over 500 women’s items, not one of which exceeds $19.98 (US). Bitten goes up to XXL in tops, size 22 in bottoms and size 11 in footwear. Many of the Bitten garments have been made in China and according to the chief of Steve and Barry‘s, are made in factories operating fair-labour policy. The ‘Cheap chic’ costs are also contained by folding the goods in a less labour intensive way and using transport only when the carriers are full. Steve and Barry’s are also avoiding the use of expensive ad campaigns, preferring word of moth. Thin profit margins are offset with high volume turn over and Steve & Barry’s are anticipating past success with Stephon Marbury (New York Knicks)‘‘Starbury’’ basketball shoes.

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Australian Society for Kangaroos said...


Its important the world knows exactly what goes on to produce shoes made from kangaroo leather.
Most of these facts can be confirmed by the Australian Governments own website under kangaroo harvesting.
The truth is that this year nearly 4 million wild and gentle kangaroos will be killed in the middle of the night by shooters employed by the kangaroo industry. As reported by many ex kangaroo shooters this is often a very cruel and painful experience for the victim and the rest of the mob. The kangaroo has a very small head and a clean head shot is often not achieved and shocking and painful deaths follow. The joeys are taken from the dead mothers pouch and by law, bahed with a blunt object to kill it. Many end up left half dead in the dirt. The dead mother almost always has an ex pouch joey at foot which is still reliant on her for milk and comfort and warmth. This joey will die a lonely sad death as an orphan. WIth 25-50% of females being killed by the industry it is feared that millions of joeys end their lives this way every year.
Lets also be clear that there is very little agriculture or grazing land in the commercial killing zones hence the argument that the slaughter is done to protect farmers is another lie in an effort to justify this horrific industry.
Kangaroos are facing a severe population crash as they strugggle to survive the longest drought in 1000 years as well as loss of habitat and ongoing legal and illegal killing.
Please dont fall for the lies and propoganda that the AUstralian GOvernment and the kangaroo industry propogate to justify this cruel massacre of Australias ancient and significant marsupial. This animal is in harmony with its environnment and is integral to the survival of forests and bushlands in Australia as its grazing and excretement regenerates native grasses and its grazing reduces over growth and fire risk.

Please help us end this horrific trade, pressure the AUstralian government to end this killing and dont buy shoes from companies who use kangaroo leather including Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma.

Thank you
Australian Society for Kangaroos