Saturday, September 22, 2007

Overrated types: Ballet Shoes

David and Victoria Beckham are having it tough in Hollywood. David has been sidelined from the LA Gallaxy due to a badly sprained knee and his wife Victoria was publically ignored recently by the town’s former wild child, Britney Spears in the Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont. Now the super chavs have been voted the most overrated people in American Life by a Radar magazine. The New York cult publication pulled no punches branding Becks as an overpaid soccer star and Victoria, “ a pointless collection of body parts." Also included in the "Overrated 100" but well below the Beckhams were Keira Knightly (15) and Brad Pitt (3). Victoria has already been dismissed by The New York Times as being "somewhat famous for being sort of famous." Other creations of contemporary culture to earn the ire of Radar magazine were ballet shoes, cocaine, jeans and pilates. Wot no Crocs?

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