Thursday, October 04, 2007

Doris Day: No Goody Two shoes

Doris ‘Kappy’ Day became one of the world’s most popular entertainers as a singer, actress and movie star. By the 50s, her on screen persona epitomized the all-American middle aged girl, next door, matching that of Marilyn Monroe as a 20th century icon. Her true story was far removed from the cheerful life she depicted on-screen and now Mary Anne Barothy has written a beautiful biography of Doris Day. Day at a time published by Hawthorne Publishing which is available this month.


Karen said...

Day At A Time is no "Beautiful Biography" as stated above. This piece of literary ignorance is nothing more than tabloid trash. There is nothing beautiful or loving about this book. Mary Anne Barothy led the public and the fans of Ms. Doris Day to think this book was going to be a tribute to the actress. Instead, this is a slap in the face to the woman Mary Anne Barothy professes she loves and cares about.
Doris Day fans around the world are horrified that such a book would be published by Hawthorne. It shows a pure lack of taste in publishing decent books. No one ever expected Doris Day to live out the life of a saint, we really all believe she is human like the rest of us....however, she does not deserve to be treated in such a horrible fashion. Doris Day's true fans and friends treat her with dignity and respect...respect that she rightly earned by having a career that is next to none in the entertainment industry. Recently, Ms. Day was voted the "Best Actress Of All Time." Now it seems, people like Ms. Barothy want to line their pockets off of Doris' success by writing slanted and fabricated books to tarnish this image.
Try as they might, they will never suceed in changing the thoughts of true fans. For Ms. Barothy to attempt to tarnish this woman in any way....all I can say is, "HOW DARE SHE!!!"

Anonymous said...

I loved DAY AT A TIME...and I love Doris Day all the more after reading this lovely tribute to Miss Day. I don't know what book Karen was reading, but it was not DAY AT A TIME by Mary Anne Barothy.
Ms Day comes off very real and apparently saw something special in Ms Barothy to select her from the others to be her personal assistant. Unlike many previous books that deal mostly with her career, this one was more personal because Ms Barothy lived with Ms Day. A great insight to the wonderful actress.
For me, an avid DD fan, I was happy to learn a little more about Doris - to know her is to love her. Looking forward to the new book