Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oprah scores kicks: Same old same old

Jessica Seinfeld (spouse of Jerry Seinfeld) appeared on Oprah’s chat fest to promote her new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, and a one week later it featured in the best seller list. Such is the power of celebrity. Jessica wanted to thank her friend for her promotion and sent Oprah 21 pairs of shoes (an estimated cost of $(US)16 -20k). Many of the shoes were from Christian Louboutin which would appeal to the shoe lover but I dare say the popular chat host will put the footwear to good use and rechannel Jessica’s gift to good purpose. The ever pragmatic Jerry Seinfeld has in the past endorsed foot orthoses and one can only wait to see if his appearance on the Oprah show will rocket his latest movie into the best sellers. Maybe Jerry will be so grateful he will sent her a bunch of insoles. It is unlikely Tom Cruise will advise be recommending a decent pedicure but he too has in the past been very gracious with shoe gifts. In Paris when he and then wife, Nichole Kidman, were buying shoes for their children, the height challenged thespian insisted all the children in the store would avail themselves of a pair of shoes at his expense. Well done that man.

Shoe sleuths continue to be bamboozled and now Christian Louboutin is a little confused with the gift Jessica Seinfeld gave Oprah Winfrey. Why 21 pairs of shoes? Jessica was obviously grateful for the exposure for her now best selling book, Deceptively Delicious, but why 21 and not 20 or 25? Christian Louboutin is intrigued and is reported to have taken the bull by the horns by contacting Seinfeld’s management for an answer. The circumstances surrounding the estimated $(US) 20,000 gift remain a mystery.

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