Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sexdactyly Halle Berry

Polydactylism describes having one or more extra fingers or toes and is the most common abnormality of development found at birth. It is reported in about 2 per 1000 children. Many are nubbins of soft tissue with no bone or it may be a full digit that forks off one of the five normal long bones of the hand or foot. In others it may be a complete extra digit with its own extra long bone in the hand or foot but any variation between these is possible. The nubbin is removed at birth but in more complex polydactyly surgical removal is done when the child is one year old. Hands get more attention than feet for cosmetic reasons but sometimes the extra toe is kept. In 2006 Channel 4 reported Halle Berry had 6 toes (sexdactyly) on her right foot although the actress denied this. A recent published photograph has rekindled the rumour that Ms Berry was born with polydactylism. In 1989 she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1 but that did not stop her from becoming an actress and is now one of the highest paid thespians in Hollywood. She is also a former Miss USA (1986) and was voted more recently as one of the sexiest women in the world, sex toes or not. Other luminaries with polydactylism include Bollywood film star, Hrithik Rosham who has an extra thumb on his right hand. Antonio Alfonseca is a major league baseball player with polydactylism and Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII who allegedly had polydactyly. Her husband is thought to have had syphilic sores on his feet. The fashion for bears paw shoes (very broad) during the 16th century was thought to have started because a Spanish prince was born with polydactylism and to have had an amputation then was thought more life threatenting than the inconvenience of wearing broader shoes. The fashion for long toed shoed changed to accommodate six toes.

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Romney said...

If Ms Halle Berry was born with 6 toes I feel she should not be ashamed of this fact and own up to it I myself was born with six fingers on each hand and it I love being different and the fact the people are different should be embraced. Yes I was teased as a child but never does it define who I am. Much Love.