Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shoe books make ideal gifts

The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear by Jonathan Walford (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $ 40 ). Once every decade there is a decent book on shoe history and this is it. A detailed social history of shoes over the last 400 years which is well illustrated and contains biographical notes on distinctive shoemakers and shoe designers. Jonathan Walford is fashion historian, private collector, and founder curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. He is the artistic director of his own company, Kickshaw Productions, which promotes the history of fashion through a variety of media and venues.

Other recommended shoes books:

Boman E Blahnik by Boman: Shoes,
Photographs, Conversation

Bowd E Mad About Shoes
Huey S and Proctor R Footwear Design: Contemporary Footwear Design
Peacock J Shoes: The Complete Sourcebook
Pedersen S Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know
Reynolds S Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life: Strut Your Way to a Fabulous New You!
Riello G and McNeil P (eds) Shoes: A History From Sandals to Sneakers
Westwood V, Beatrice L, and Guarnaccia M Vivienne Westwood: Shoes Front cover is the best photograph I have ever seen.

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