Saturday, October 27, 2007

Voltron is back: Th Voltron Colllection

To counter Nike's Four Guardians and Transformer collections, Reebok and World Events Productions (owners of Voltron) have collaborated on the shoes that will begin release this October. Voltron: Defender of the Universe, became a popular animated series in the mid 80s and featured five Lion robots that assembled into the mighty robot warrior, Voltron. Hugely popular with kids, Reebok have decided to cash in on the retro-nostalgia market by introducing five Voltron-inspired Reebok shoes. Each represents one Lion robot and is aligned with some of Reebok’s best-known silhouettes. The Voltron Collection shoes are available in the Reebok Ventilator (Blue Lion and Princess Allura), Pump Omni Lite (Yellow Lion and its pilot Hunk), Insta Pump Fury (Red Lion and pilot Lance Charles McCain), ERS Racers (Green Lion and Pilot Pidge) and Court Victory Pump (Black Lion and Commander Keith Akira Kogane, leader of the Voltron force!). The Reebok x Voltron Package will be available in a series of releases which is bound to appeal to collectors. As the object of the exercise is to be able to assemble Votron, the first shoe will be the legs (blue and yellow), followed by the arms (red and green) and finally the body (black) to complete the collection. Each of the shoes will retail with its corresponding Voltron lion robot toy. Get all 5 shoes of the package and you can then assemble the mighty robot Voltron.

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