Thursday, November 22, 2007

Basketball shoes tumble in popularity: Hoops!

According to research analyists SportsOneSource the basketball-shoe sales have declined in this financial year. Basketball shoes are now no longer No. 2 best sellers and concede their popularity to lifestyle shoes. Analysts cite a shift in fashion trends to thin-soled shoes as opposed to chunky, thick-soled kicks. Nike remain buoyant thanks in part because to the way they market their products. History can confirm the most successful celebrity endorsement ever was when Mike Jordan joined the Nike, Inc. When Jordan’s playing career ended was “the day the music died.” Although he still has immense influence no one could step forward and fill his shoes. There were some brave contenders but his giant footsteps have never been matched. The Jordan Brand, is now a division of NIKE, Inc., and still serves basketball. The company are about to launch the Jordan Melo M4 (M for Melo and 4 because this is the fourth generation). The new shoe was designed by D'Wayne Edwards for Team Jordan, basketball player, Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo is a young pretender and like David Beckham, dedicated to his sport and determined to succeed. His characteristics have been caught in the shoes’ trimmings and it is hoped the new lightweight boot which includes increased ankle support and protection from compression sock will catch the public imagination. The Jordan Melo M4 is fundamentally a basketball shoe for the court but with attractive fashion appeal too. The Jordan Brand claim the shoe is like a jaguar (cat and car) and built for sleekness and high performance. The sole of the shoe provides the traction of a cat’s paw and the body of the Jordan Melo M4 the luxury of the automobile. (sic. I hate sales rhetoric). The new shoe features a sculpted shank which would appear to me to be the most useful addition by providing an adaptive fit for improved fit and support while playing. The Signature shoes include the words "Uno" and "Cinco" on the left and right shoe respectively. On court the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo wears 15 (quince). The Spanish numbers pay homage to his Puerto Rican heritage. The campaign tagline for the Jordan Melo M4 is 'I Know I Can' and refers to the athlete’s determination and dedication to the game. The Jordan Melo M4 will be available form December 1, with a recommended retail price of $US120.

Nike and Foot Locker (the No. 1 retailer of athletic shoes in the United States) have combined to open the House of Hoops basketball store in Harlem. Here consumers can buy collectable sneakers at discount prices. Most of which are resold on ebay. The companies intend to expand their chain to 50 House of Hoops stores in the United States within the next three years.

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