Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment is where the entertainment media connect with a brand for the purpose of commercial promotion. Branded entertainment deliberately blurs the lines between advertising and entertainment and dates back to the 40s soap operas. By embedding products into the plot of, viewers are unable to fast forward passed the commercials and has been demonstrated time and again became prone to the hard sell. Reebok are teaming up with the Independent Film Channel(IFC) cable network for a celebrity interview series which will be produced by a new entertainment arm of the Canton maker of athletic shoes. The six episode series, "Framed," will feature celebrity interview of athletes who endorse Reebok footwear and apparel. Each celebrity will direct their episode. Next year all six episodes will available on the on-demand services of various cable systems. Reebok’s partners are Carat Entertainment, a unit of the media agency Carat, part of the Aegis Group, and Roadside Entertainment, an independent production company in New York that works with ESPN, HBO, and Major League Baseball. Reebok have already learned branded entertainment is fraught with challenge in the Reebok sponsored, Bollywood soccer movie, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal the complete cast wear Reebok shoes. Actress, Bipasha Basu who appears in the film asked her friend Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) to help promote the movie, He was keen but his sponsor, Nike said, no! Now the beautiful Bipasha is looking for another footballer to promote the film.

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