Saturday, November 03, 2007

NikeiD experience:London

Next time you are in London town pop into Nike’s new store and design your own bespoke trainers. At the iD Bar, there are four PC terminals, where you can choose from 54 different styles of Nike footwear with hundreds of colour and material options. Walk up to the second floor at iD Studio and meet design consultants (DC) who help you create a perfect design. The iD Studio also has 5 ‘studio-only’ exclusive styles including the Classic BW, Dunk and Air Max 90. Other NikeiD spaces can be found in New York, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Each DC takes a 14 week training at the Ritz with Dave White (sneaker artist extraordinare). The Design Consultants have been handpicked because they are established graffiti artists, musicians and sneaker freaks.
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