Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sexy walking

A common belief is women give a wide variety of subtle signals to men to indicate they are ready to conceive and the researchers assumed a "sexy", hip-swinging gait would be such a signal. Like all scientists, they put this to the test and published their results in the New Scientist magazine and Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior .

Researchers at Queen's University, Ontario, examined the walking styles of volunteers then matched these to the levels of sex hormones in their saliva. They discovered the female subjects with the more alluring walks were the furthest away from ovulation. One potential explanation given is women condition themselves to disguise their fertility to deter unsuitable partners.

Forty (40) males were shown video clips of females walking then asked to rate the attractiveness of the way the women walked. Scientists then tested hormone levels in the women volunteers to match the sexy walk rating with hormones. The experiment was then repeated with another group of male viewers. When it was established women, most fertile at the time of the experiment walked with fewer hip movements and with their knees closer together researchers explained this as suggesting ovulating women want to conceal their physiological situation from males by adopting a sexier walk.

Usually what is termed a 'sexy walk' is akin to Trendelberg's gait and some anthropologists consider this to hold the attention of primal predators who observe the individual as vulnerable. In some this may trigger a sexual response in others they see physical vulnerability, and others an attraction to protect the individual. All in the eye of the beholder.

Psychological Research has also shown when males are exposed to a series of 'sexy pictures" (overt or subliminal) they will describe the next picture , no matter how innocent it may be , as being sensual in some way.

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