Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vibram® FiveFingers®:Shoe of the future

Vitale Bramani created mountaineering's first rubber lugged sole in the late 1930's and the Vibram® soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest, K2 and a host of the world's tallest peaks. Vibram® FiveFingers®, were developed for sailing, climbing and light trekking but the "barefoot shoe” has gained such popularity now runners; fitness enthusiasts; yoga and Pilates practitioners; martial artists; surfers; kayakers; hikers and travellers are all wearing them. The Vibram® sole protects the foot and gives added traction for safely crossing different terrains and surfaces. Vibram® FiveFingers®, allows the foot to be all it can be unrestrained in shoes. Time Magazine have just named the Vibram® FiveFingers®, as one of the "Best Inventions of 2007." Time claims the product has "Reinvented: The Sandal," but I would say the shoe represents a quantum step in footwear which was started by the Etruscans with the discovery of copper nails to join the upper and sole and later developed by the Romans who used the more robust footwear to curve out an empire. The ultimate sneaker has a rubber sole contoured to the shape of your foot and a separate pocket for every toe, which is a podiatrists’ delight. Vibram® FiveFingers® come in three models, Classic, Sprint and Surge, FiveFingers is available in men's sizes 41 to 47 (8 to 14) and women's sizes 36 to 42(5 to 11.5) and ranges in price from $70 to $100 US. Two new models, the KSO and Flow, will be launched in 2008. Each style features a patented, non-marking Vibram® outsole. The inner footbed uses the environmentally friendly AEGIS Microbe Shield® to kill odour-causing microbes.

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