Monday, December 24, 2007

CROCS open wide with new fashion

The new YOU by Crocs™ Postcard collection have 28 models with 14 new styles i.e. five women’s styles, four men’s styles, two unisex style and three kid’s styles. The new CROCS incorporate luxurious leather and patent leather in a variety of fashion-forward colours, and will be available in women's sizes 6-10.5. You can but the spring collection in February and the Summer 2008 Postcard collection a month later. Watch for details at online . The popularity of the shoe and the need to increase market interest has seen the introduction of a range of mens’ shoes with leather uppers and heeled shoes for women, some with a peekaboo toe. The spring collection includes the popular elevated heels and cork-wrapped wedge heels. Most of the new styles incorporate Crocs' Croslite plastic resin which makes the shoes lightweight and very hard wearing. CROCs Beach and Cayman models have proven such a great seller that the company’s stock rose sixfold from its debut price in February 2006. Investors got a little jittery recently when the company reported a disproportionate rise in third-quarter inventories and broke its pattern of increasing its earnings forecast for the following quarter. New projects to further broaden the product base include a golf shoe in 2008 and an extensive fashion collection in 2009.

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