Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GourmetKickz: Yum Yum

Brian Spar was a mortgage broker who gave it all up to become a sneaker artist. Brian is best known as the Chef of GourmetKickz and dedicated to make “Food for sole.” He designed his first pair of custom painted Nike Dunk which were inspired by “Beef N Broccoli.” The kicks sold on eBay in 2002 for almost $300 (US) and were delivered in a Chinese-food-menu-adorned shoe box. Brian has consequntly sold hundreds of pairs of customised shoes from his website. A shoe collector himself he has over 400 different sneakers in his personal collection, including nearly 300 pairs of Nike Air Force Ones. He slowly developed a working relationship with Nike dealers and overseas boutiques which lead him into the sneaker resale venture before he expanded and began his own designs for Air Force Ones. Brian studied the skeletal structure of the human foot and uses this knowldege to great effect in his designs. The artist works with basic acrylic paints to various fabrics and glue to create his customised shoes. He also reconstructs the shoes to accommodate his designs. Sometimes this involves reversing manufacturer’s tags and logos. His creations are unique and all the more collectable. GourmetKickz has expanded into a full-scale web based enterprise. Some of the clebrity sneaker freaker with “Chef’s shoes” include hip-hop and rap stars, Chris Brown, Rick Ro$$ and Swizz Beatz. His clientelle include young teenagers keen to look cool in the playground to older adults dedicated to sports teams and unusual hobbies. Brian’s work is well respected and as an artist he continually adapts his designs to appeal to people from all walks of life. Aware, everyone cannot afford big prices for customised shoes, Brian has developed a new ‘shoestring buget line’ called “Pimp your Stride.” In 2006 he perfected a patent-pending device, the DeCreaseR, to prevent the toes of sneakers from developing wrinkles. Talking of wrinkles, seems Paris Hilton’s mum, Kathy Hilton may become a shoe designer. All depends where Omniscient (a company she has interest in)can take over belaboured, French footwear label Charles Jourdan. The Hilton's company is currently bidding for the bankrupt shoe label and intends to create a 'Kathy Hilton for Charles Jourdan' collection if the sale goes ahead. If all goes to plan you too could follow in Paris’s ‘pink’ footsteps.

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