Monday, December 03, 2007

Shoes for Fontelroy

Rich kids wear rich kids shoes and always have. For the A-list child who has everything the absolute minimum is never enough and if designers can design for mums and dads then obviously they can design for junior too. Someone who is trying to ‘democratise’ (I hate that word) children’s fashionable shoes is Smith College graduate, and now shoe designer Mia Abbruzzese enjoys creating childrens’ shoes because they are fun, fashionable and good value to an industry bordering on the boring. At Mia Abbruzzese’s Morgan & Milo you can buy fuzzy zebra print, pink tweed accented with suede, heart-embroidered suede with colorful striped lining, all on thick rubber soles. So popular has their range of childrens’ shies become there is now a healthy imitator’s industry based on clones. Mia Abbruzzese helped New Balance introduce their first walking shoe, before joining Fila then Stride Rite. Eventually she opted to sell her own shoes once she realised mums wanted good styling for kids shoes at reasonable prices. Mia Abbruzzese has two season releases per year. Garnet Hill, Babystyle, L.L.Bean and Stride Rite are her retail partners and small boutiques across the country also sell her shoes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes prefer Christian Louboutin for their youngest, Suri. According to the popular press the company hand-craft shies for their youngest client, based on a cast of her feet. If you are interested in what the offspring of the A-list celebrities are wearing (yawn) then surf and Something you may need to know at the next Quiz Night is Heidi Klum’s kids wear Puma Kids Lab II and Pediped Aidan shoes. Parents see their children as representatives of a lifestyle the parents have worked hard to achieve. Just wait until they are teenagers and start to rebel.

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