Thursday, December 20, 2007

Walking on air after the Olympics

Apres Bejing 2008 Olympic Games, fashionable ladies will be wearing Olympian inspired shoes, well that's the hope as sport shoe companies think beyond the circle(or should I say arena), to cash in on the ath-leisure fashions for women. New Balance is planning to launch a new sneaker for women next year, called, NB Inside. Seems the growth area in sales in the fashion or low performance category with an increase this year of 31.4 %, according to NPD Group . Just behind the top seller running shoes low performance shoes are increasing their share of the market. Sketchers, Puma and Nike all share the honours. The phenomenon breaks the run (excuse the pun) of speciality shoes as garenteed top earners, as sports companies compete to sell in the fashion market. Much of this new success relates to shoe comfort ironically come as result of crossover from sport to fashion. More and more manufacturers have been using sport shoe technology (use of polmers technology) in their fashion lines to improve foot comfort which now has become essential for fashionable shoes for women. The NB Inside will be made from environmentally friendly materials (another articulated vogue) and has an emphasis on lightness and comfort. The ‘Inside’ refers to the cushion platforms contained within the shoe.

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