Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fashionable Borosana Shoes

Borosana shoes are orthopaedic styled shoes with open toe and heel segments which were originally made in the village of Borovon now on the border between the republics of Serbia and Croatia. During Tito’s socialist regime of Yugoslavia, Borosana shoes became the standard footwear of all working people especially in the service industry. After the federation dissolved the republics of Serbia and Croatia were in dispute over the right to manufacture Borosana. Now it appears Borosana have become a fashion statement in both countires and their appeal as a must have souvenir for tourists visiting the old Yugoslavia, has passed into a fashion statement. The iconic shoes have even inspired a song and play ‘The Influence of Borosana on You.’ by Nina Violic.

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Bron said...

Those shoes are great. I would like to know where we can order some

Ingrid Rooda