Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oprah becomes an institution

Being altruistic is commendable but when commercial corporations give to receive then there are some moral concerns. In a recent Oprah Show ,(Oprah's 'Face behind the name,') the lady showcased some of her favorite products. Rather a pretentious exercise in my opinion but she then it is cheap tv, and sponsored to the hilt. In the traditon of celebrity, Ms Wimfrey has become the Queen of Infomercials with her Opreycentric “look a moiye” approach which is all the more efficient with the ‘giveaway’ nature of her 'special' shows. Recently a $600 pair of Christian Louboutin shoes were given ‘free and gratis’ to a member of the audience. No doubt the gesture will ensure Christian Louboutin shoes are now a must acquisition for all Oprey fans. The shoes were from the same fair hand of the shoe designer that Jessica Seinfield (spouse of Jerry Sienfeld)controversially gifted the celebrity anchor last year after appearing on the show to promote ‘that book.’ Meanwhile we know Ms Winfrey privately enjoys wearing her ugg boots. So she has a lot in common with Peter the Great who also enjoyed his valenki boots (ugg boots).

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