Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reebok and Kraft's Kool Aid Collection

Reebok and Kraft's Kool-Aid ® brand have collaborated to develop a sweet-smelling set of kicks. Just in time for St Valentine’s Day, no need to be embarrassed about foul foot oder with three flavoured shoes available. Grape, Strawberry and Cherry will launch on the first of February with the citrus range of Lemonade, Lemon-Lime and Orange to follow in April. The new footgear comes with coordinating accessories of hoodies, T-shirts and hats, which is just the thing for any sweet smelling Casanova. What is the secret of this olefactory advance in performance footwear, I hear you bay? Well Reebok and Kraft’s Kool-Aid have added a scent-infused sockliner which wafts for the lifetime of the insock. Laurence ‘Kool Aid’ Maroney (New England Patriots) inspired the new Kool-Aid collection which will be available in kids and men’s sizes from selected retailers, nationside (US).

Have a swiz:
Reebok’s new Kool Aid collection

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