Saturday, February 02, 2008

SolesUnited: Recycled Crocs

Crocs, Inc. have just launched SolesUnited which is a program dedicated to recycling footwear for needy people throughout the world. A network of shipping and charity partners like Brothers Brother Foundation ; and Feed The Children are helping Crocs Inc to ditribute their shoes, and the company hopes to donate two million pairs of recycled Crocs shoes in 2008. Consumers can donate their worn-out Crocs at participating retailers, or send them directly to Crocs' collection centres. The shoes are then sorted, cleaned, ground into new material, and manufactured into new recycled shoes then given to those in need. The SolesUnited Crocs are embossed as used recycled plastic and intended for charitable purposes. (sic. Something they might want to reconsider to avoid stigma). One of the first charities to benefit to date is Raising Malawi which was co-founded by Madonna and Michael Berg. Raising Malawi helps the lives of children throughout Malawi. The official SolesUnited was launched on NBC’a "The Celebrity Apprentice" charity edition which featured SolesUnited as a contestant task. Two teams of celebrities were challenged to encourage participation and build awareness of SoulsUnited. Crocs will also release a similarly styled shoe as a fundraising tool on the domestic market. The vast majority of people on Earth go without shoes so the task ahead is enormous but no less altruistic. I am delighted to learn the proprietary closed-cell resin can be recycled.

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